Sunday, January 31, 2010

Panic Attacks-Exercise Should Be a Big Part of Your Treatment Plan.

If you suffer from Panic Attacks,I won't have to tell you how uncomfortable the symptoms can be!On my Anxiety and Panic Attacks Blog I talk about many important panic and anxiety related topics,and this one is no exception.It is something I believe in so much that this is my second post about it.(and most likely not my last.)The topic I will discuss today is Panic Attacks and why Exercise Should Be a Big Part of Your Treatment Plan.

Most of the symptoms of Panic Attacks are the result of a number of biological changes that occur during times of anxiety and stress.One such change includes the release of excessive amounts of adrenaline.(there are of course others as well),it is important to be able to reduce the amount of adrenaline in order to reduce at least some of the symptoms of panic attacks.)

This in my opinion this means that one of the first things that should be considered is an exercise routine of some kind.(of course the very first thing that anyone suffering from any kind of condition should do is visit their doctor to rule out physical causes for their symptoms.)After the doctor has given a full exam and everything is OK you should try to find an activity that you enjoy.This is very important because it will determine whether or not you will be able to stick with the activity or give up because its either too difficult or boring.

The activity you choose can be anything as long as it gets you moving and your heart rate up.If you have a hard time choosing an activity,ask friends and family,search online or just take a bit of time to notice what others in your area are doing.Walking is a very popular exercise that can be done by anyone of any fitness level.Best of all its free.It really doesn't matter what you choose just choose something and get started as soon as possible.

Only 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise,a couple of times per week will help to greatly reduce panic attack symptoms in most cases.Of course exercise is only one part of the bigger picture and since the lasting benefits of exercise might not be experienced as quickly as most of us would like,there are also other life style changes like eating healthier and using Anxiety/stress reduction techniques that can be done to help reduce panic attack symptoms.

I have inserted a link above to an older post that talks a bit about some of the more popular Anxiety/Stress reduction techniques that will help to reduce or eliminate Panic Attacks.If there is enough interest in the subject I will also be writing a more detailed post about some of the more common Anxiety/Panic and Stress reduction techniques that are available.Just let me know what you are interested in and I will do my best to address it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Panic Attacks-Why Me?

If you are suffering from Panic Attacks or any life altering condition you have probably asked yourself  Why Me?I know I have!Unfortunately when it comes to Panic Attacks(and pretty much anything else in life)its more or less the "luck of the draw".

On the other hand,when we look back on certain aspects of our lives we can probably see at least a few instances where we could have made some changes.These changes may or may not have given us a better chance of not developing whatever problem we happen to be dealing with now.(who knows right)

Some people are lucky enough to go through life without having any major issues(health,mental,money)but a lot of us are not as fortunate.The thing that I try to focus on is that although we may be experiencing things like Panic Attacks now and there may or may not have been things we could have done differently in the past.

The past is just that,The Past!

We can't change the things that might have been,so we need to change the things that might be!The present and the future are the only things that we have some control over.The present is a good place to start since that is what will determine the future.For example,I have recently over hauled my eating habits,I exercise every other day.and  I am also trying to think more positively

Anything you do now to improve your life style will definitely help to reduce or even eliminate the problems you are dealing with.But like a lot of panic attack sufferers I've been struggling with self confidence issues for some time,and am trying my best to work through that as well.

I will try to make some resources available(through links)to help anyone who is interested in gaining control over their panic attacks and being more self confident.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Panic,Anxiety,Stress,Fears and ,Phobias-Your Experiences

In this post on my Anxiety and Panic Attacks Blog.I'm not going to be writing about anything specifically related to Panic and Anxiety Attacks.The main goal today is for me to invite everyone who is reading this post to tell their own story

It would be nice if your comments were related to some sort of experience with stress,anxiety,panic attacks,phobias or something of that nature but all comments and stories are welcome.

The stories and comments can be about any kind of experience at all.If you've never had a panic attack before but are afraid of snakes,heights,bugs,flying or anything really.I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences and the things that you do to cope,the ways that these experiences have effected your lives,and the steps you have taken to overcome your fears,phobias ect.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Panic Attacks-The Fight or Flight Response

As most of us are aware,when we are in the midst of a Panic Attack something known as the fight or flight response automatically takes over.This is a natural physiological and psychological response to a real or perceived danger/threat.In the case of real danger such as a bear attack or a mugging,the fight or flight response is a great protective mechanism.

When the fight or flight response is triggered a part of the brain called the hypothalamus is stimulated which causes the release of increased amounts of chemicals such as adrenaline,noradrenaline and cortisol.

These chemical increases cause our breathing rate to increase,the blood to moved from the areas of the body that are less essential to more vital areas such as the major  muscles and limbs.These are the parts of the body that require the most energy for fighting or fleeing.The more energy that is available,the more like it will be that we will survive the fight or successfully flee from the situation.

When there is no real danger or threat,and the fight or flight response is activated due to a panic attack,the result is irrational,exaggerated fear,confusion,distorted thinking and sensitivity to sound and/or light.(as well as many other symptoms)The sporadic nature of panic attacks makes it extremely difficult to predict when they will occur,and causes fear of the panic attack its self.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Panic Attacks-What are They and How do They Affect Daily Living

What are Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks are extremely intense epidodes of irrational fear that happen out of the blue,and most often for no obvious reason.These episodes usually last for only a few minutes but can last for 20 minutes or more.Panic Attacks are cyclic in nature which meens that a 5 mniute panic attack can occur over and over until it seems as if it is one attack lasting sometimes as long as an hour.(possibly more).

Click here to read about the symptoms and treatment options for Panic Attacks

How do Panic Attacks affect daily living?
Panic Attacks can happen anywhere and at any time.This unpredictablilty is what makes them so un-nerving for those who suffer from them.Most often people who suffer from panic attacks find that their homes are a safe haven.They often avoid the places that cause the most distress,or will only go to these place when acompanied by a trusted friend or family member.

If the first experience with a panic attack occured while driving,a person may avoid driving all together or drive only if someone else is with them.Similarly if a panic attack were to happen in a mall or grogery store the person might avoid shopping.If avoidance is praticed for long periods of time and no treatment is started these irrational fears will become deeply rooted,and the panic disorder will be more dificult to overcome and could also develop into a condition called Agoriphobia..

The daily activities mentioned above are ones that most people take for granted and they will often not understand why such normal non threatening activities would cause someone such distress.My answer to this very common question is that while these activities are not preceaved to be dangerous or threatening by the average person the extremely uncomfortable symptoms and irrational nature of panic attacks will distort the sufferers preception of danger and will cause many normal everyday situations and activities to become unbearable.
Fortunately with treatment Panic and Anxiety Attacks can be reduced dramatically or cured completely.