Monday, November 3, 2008

Agoraphobia is my life For now

  • I'm 36 years old and I've been suffering from a panic disorder called agoraphobia.

i spend most of the time trying to keep the panic attacks at bay,but its much easier to

try than to actually make much progress.

the meds are the worst,but I'm sure that for most people if they didn't have medication

they would never get over their problems.I'm hoping ,for me things will be different.

for now I'm trying to go it on my own.i have no support,no friends,no family,at least none that understand what its like to be in my shoes.I'm glad that none of my friends or family have to endure the hell that i live with almost every day.

i also have a son,he's 10 years old,and doesn't totally understand why dad is unable to go places and do things with him.hopefully that will change for me and him before he gets to old to care.

my son says that if he had a wish that would come true ,it would be that he could have a monster truck lol,and for me to be able to go to the park or to his school.

if only things were that simple.I've wished for that a thousand times,maybe more.i do believe though that someday very soon i will be able to get threw this thing.