Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Panic Attacks-What are They and How do They Affect Daily Living

What are Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks are extremely intense epidodes of irrational fear that happen out of the blue,and most often for no obvious reason.These episodes usually last for only a few minutes but can last for 20 minutes or more.Panic Attacks are cyclic in nature which meens that a 5 mniute panic attack can occur over and over until it seems as if it is one attack lasting sometimes as long as an hour.(possibly more).

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How do Panic Attacks affect daily living?
Panic Attacks can happen anywhere and at any time.This unpredictablilty is what makes them so un-nerving for those who suffer from them.Most often people who suffer from panic attacks find that their homes are a safe haven.They often avoid the places that cause the most distress,or will only go to these place when acompanied by a trusted friend or family member.

If the first experience with a panic attack occured while driving,a person may avoid driving all together or drive only if someone else is with them.Similarly if a panic attack were to happen in a mall or grogery store the person might avoid shopping.If avoidance is praticed for long periods of time and no treatment is started these irrational fears will become deeply rooted,and the panic disorder will be more dificult to overcome and could also develop into a condition called Agoriphobia..

The daily activities mentioned above are ones that most people take for granted and they will often not understand why such normal non threatening activities would cause someone such distress.My answer to this very common question is that while these activities are not preceaved to be dangerous or threatening by the average person the extremely uncomfortable symptoms and irrational nature of panic attacks will distort the sufferers preception of danger and will cause many normal everyday situations and activities to become unbearable.
Fortunately with treatment Panic and Anxiety Attacks can be reduced dramatically or cured completely.

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