Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What is The Difference Between a Panic and Anxiety Attacks(2)

I was browsing some of the many forums and Q&A sites that are related to the topic of mental health.I noticed that the same question is asked quite often.(The question is:) What is the difference between a panic attack and an Anxiety attack and are they the same thing?

I have an older post that talks about some of the differences between a panic attack and  anxiety attacks so I won't go into alot of details in this post,but i did want to address whether there is a difference between a panic attack and anxiety attacks.And as a suffer of both of these conditions I can say without a doubt that there definately is a difference and they are not the same at all.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks do share some of the same signs and symptoms and are very closely related disorders but the main difference between the two are that a Panic Attack is usually a short and sudden onset of extreme irrational fear most often brought on by stress and anxiety,and normally occurs out of the blue.

On the other hand  Anxiety Attacks usually happen very gradually,are less extreme,consist of symtoms like intense worry,nervousness,a general unease,and can last for hours,days and even weeks in more severe cases.

I hope this post has been helpful and clears up the question of whether there really is a difference between panic and anxiety attack.If you want more information check out my older post.There is a direct link to it in this post.


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  2. Thanks for the clarification. I was some what confused as when I and others in my squad experienced them no medical treatment/diagnosis was offered.

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