Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is the difference between Panic and Anxiety attacks.

I am talking today about the difference between a Panic and anxiety attack.I bet when
most people think about panic attacks and anxiety attacks they wonder!what IS the difference?
Well I am going to attempt to explain the difference between a panic and anxiety attack,
atleast the differences that I have noticed as someone who suffers from both.To start with(in my opinion)
chronic panic attacks are mostly a result of the fear of having another attack.They also occur more
suddenly and ussually lasts for only a few minutes or up to about 1/2 hour or so.Panic attacks can come
in cycles that last for hours sometimes but they are normally made up of more than one attack.
On the other hand an anxiety attack is more of a drawn out event that can last for minutes,hours,or even days.Anxiety attacks are also more of a general feeling of unease,where as a panic attack is a sudden on set of extreme fear or dread,most often brought on by a build up of anxiety or stress.
Also,not everyone that has anxiety attacks has panic attacks,but often in the case panic attack sufferers
they always seem to have some form of anxiety and/or chronic stress that builds to the point of a full blown
panic attack.
Anxiety attacks seem to be easier to treat than panic attacks.Most likely because of the fact that panic attacks are ussually much more fightening and can limit the ability of a person to function in their daily lives more so sometimes than a generalized anxiety problem(but not in all cases).including but not limited to actively seeking some form of treatment for their condition.
I hope I have been helpful in clearing up some of the things that make panic attacks different than anxiety attacks.
For a list of some of the common symptoms and treatments of panic attacks(see my older posts)or click on the links.

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