Sunday, January 24, 2010

Panic Attacks-Why Me?

If you are suffering from Panic Attacks or any life altering condition you have probably asked yourself  Why Me?I know I have!Unfortunately when it comes to Panic Attacks(and pretty much anything else in life)its more or less the "luck of the draw".

On the other hand,when we look back on certain aspects of our lives we can probably see at least a few instances where we could have made some changes.These changes may or may not have given us a better chance of not developing whatever problem we happen to be dealing with now.(who knows right)

Some people are lucky enough to go through life without having any major issues(health,mental,money)but a lot of us are not as fortunate.The thing that I try to focus on is that although we may be experiencing things like Panic Attacks now and there may or may not have been things we could have done differently in the past.

The past is just that,The Past!

We can't change the things that might have been,so we need to change the things that might be!The present and the future are the only things that we have some control over.The present is a good place to start since that is what will determine the future.For example,I have recently over hauled my eating habits,I exercise every other day.and  I am also trying to think more positively

Anything you do now to improve your life style will definitely help to reduce or even eliminate the problems you are dealing with.But like a lot of panic attack sufferers I've been struggling with self confidence issues for some time,and am trying my best to work through that as well.

I will try to make some resources available(through links)to help anyone who is interested in gaining control over their panic attacks and being more self confident.

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