Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stress-Things You Can Do To Deal More Effectively With It.

Stress is something we all deal with from time to time,but a lot of us do not deal with it as effectively as we would like.Stress can be a very big part of the overall Panic and Anxiety picture since most of the people who suffer from these problems tend to have a hard time keeping the daily stresses of life from becoming overwhelming.

There are some very simple things that can be done to reduce the amount of stress or at the very least,deal with it more effectively.If you are open to some alternative stress reduction techniques some of them may be very effective if done properly.

Below are some of the more common ways that I have come across that may help.Most of them are proven to be effective and are worth considering.That being said not everyone will have the same results so it might be necessary to experiment with different techniques to find the one that works best for you.

  • EFT or (emotional freedom technique) is a technique that I have read a lot about but have only tried a couple of times.It involves tapping of certain points on the body to eliminate negative energy,stress.and thoughts.From what I have read about EFT it is useful in the treatment of many illnesses as well as stress and anxiety.to find out more about EFT I suggest visiting your local library,doing a search on google or youtube.(which is were I first discovered the technique.
  • Exercise is another easy(and free)way to help control stress.It doesn't matter what type of exercise you choose as long as you find something you like and stick with it.I have said this before in other post but I don't mind repeating myself.
  • Meditation is a very common stress reduction technique as well.There are many forms of meditation so finding one that suits your needs should be relatively easy..
  • Yoga is something that I have actually tried but am not very good at yet and it really does seem to help.
  • Positive Thinking can be a powerful stress buster as well.If you have been a negative person for a long time it may be difficult at first to think more positively,but like they say "practice makes perfect."
  • Do something you enjoy.This is one of the things that I find to be the most helpful.It doesn't have to be something that cost money or even anything overly exciting as long as you enjoy doing it.examples(cooking,reading my blog(wink)or surfing the web,playing guitar.
  • Laugh.Watch a funny movie,listen to a funny joke,read a funny book.what ever you like,just take a few minutes out of the day to laugh.(it works)
  • Write down your thoughts.I try to do this everyday.Its just a good way to keep track of the good times and release the negative emotions about the bad times.

These are just a few of the many ways that are worth considering when trying to effectively deal with the stresses of everyday life and are not necessarily right for everyone.

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