Sunday, February 28, 2010

Generized Anxiety Disorder(GAD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common mental disorders and can effect anyone regardless of their financial and social backgrounds.A diagnoses of GAD is usually made when a persons anxieties go from being normal everyday worries and stresses to excessive and uncontrollable anxiety and worry lasting for long periods of time.(6 months or more)

People experiencing generalized anxiety disorder will often see disaster around every corner.They may be overly concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones,most often for no particular reason.People suffering from GAD may also worry more than usual about their jobs,money and what others think about them.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
affects millions of people globally.Women seem to be at greater risk of developing GAD than men.(about twice as likely)Generalized Anxiety  Disorder can play a hugh roll in the development of Panic Attacks,but at the same time this is not always the case.Many people suffering from GAD may never experience a panic attack.

The most common Symptoms of GAD are excessive and/or long periods of uncontrolllable anxiety and worry,restlessness,feelings of being on edge,an unrealistic view of everyday problems,irritability and/or moodiness,tiredness,headaches,muscle tension,sweating,difficulty concentrating,nausea,and difficulty with sleep.There are many other symptoms and not everyone will experience all of them.

As with most Mental disorders the causes are not fully understood but research has found that family history,environmental factors and brain chemistry are at least possible contributing factors in the development of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.Although the symptoms are very disturbing for those suffering from GAD the disorder is treatable.

There are many Effective Treatments available for Generalized Anxiety Disorder they include,relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing exercises,Cognitive Behavior Therapy,Progressive Muscle Relaxation,and even Physical Exercise can be extremely beneficial in helping to reduce the symptoms of GAD and many other Anxiety Disorders.

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