Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Things That Can Mimic/Worsen Panic Attacks.

Researchers are not completely sure what causes panic attacks. However genetic and environment conditions may be a factor. If a family member suffers from panic attacks, it seems to be much more likely that you may as well.

Stressful events good or bad can also play a large role in the development of panic attacks. Often at times of change such as marriage/divorce, the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, moving out of a familiar home or community, financial problems and/or a major job change or loss.

There are also several physical ailments and conditions that can mimic the  physical feelings of  panic attacks. Some of the below are know to cause similar symptom. And should be ruled out by your health care provider.

  •     Mitral valve prolapse. This is when one of the heart valves does not close off properly. It is not a known to be a serious condition but should be diagnosed and treated to prevent further complications.
  •     Tachycardia. You may experience a raised heart rate due to a tachycardia attack. This may be a symptom of another heart related syndrome and your doctor will probably suggest an ECG.

  •    Hyperthyroidism. This is also often accompanied with a loss of appetite and weight loss. This can be checked with a simple blood test and is treatable. Hyperthyroidism is caused by an over active thyroid.

  •     Hypoglycemia. Very low blood sugar levels can cause Panic Like symptoms.   A test of your glucose tolerance can help to determine whether this could be an issue for you.  Hypoglycemia can also be a precursor to diabetes.

  •       Overuse or Abuse of  Stimulants. Substances that increases the heart rate such as caffeine, and the abuse of prescription and illegal drugs can cause some of the characteristics of panic attacks.

  •     Changes in medications. If you’ve been taking  medication for a long period of time and suddenly stop for some reason, sometimes there can be a physical reaction as your brain adjusts to the different levels of chemicals in your body. If you have been taking medication for a long time, consult your doctor before discontinuing it as this can not only cause panic-like symptoms but can also be very dangerous as well. Some medication also list anxiety and panic as a possible side effect,so that might be something to discuss with your doctor as well.

  •     Physical and Mental Exhaustion. Living in a constant state of flux, with high levels of stress and improper sleeping habits may cause adrenal failure which can trigger panic attacks. Adrenal failure is a growing problem in today’s busy life and can lead to hyperthyroidism and other complications if not treated properly.

  •     Depression and Many Other Mental Health Issues.can make a person more likely to suffer from panic attacks. It’s important to ensure that you receive the proper treatments including the correct medication and/or therapy for whatever conditions  you are dealing with as this may also help when dealing with panic attacks.

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