Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a warning about Panic & Anxiety CURE claims online!!!!!

Hi everybody.If you suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks, like I do,you have probably been searching the Internet long and hard to find useful information,that can help you overcome the Panic and Anxiety that you live with everyday.As you probably have noticed,lately,if you type anything to do with Anxiety or Panic Attacks into pretty much any of the popularly used Search engines,most often the very first result and more than likely the whole first page of results are going to lead you to a site that has some kind of "method" or technique that they Claim is a "cure".
These "Cures" are all over the internet and they all claim to have a new technique that will stop panic attacks in instantly.I am not a doctor and most of these methods seem to atleast offer some interesting ideas and information.although i've never used any of them.i do suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks and just thought I'd voice my opinion.
I was thinking that if these people,who claim to have a technique that is so amazing, (cure)that they want to share with everyone so that they can help them overcome their Fears .Why is this information only available to those who can Afford to pay for it?
If they truely wanted to Help people,because "they" have been through Anxiety and Panic themselves,they would offer this Info for Free.
So just a word of Caution.Be sure that you have researched the method you plan to use,whether its from a free site or Something you will have to pay for.
I'm not saying that these Pay for the Cure methods won't work ,but the people behind these things are when everything is said and done, in it to make a buck,so use Caution,Please!!!!!

REMEMBER,There is no Magical Cure for Anxiety and Panic Attacks,no matter How Much Money You Spend when all is said and done,your hard Work will Make you Anxiety and Panic Free.
There are some links in some of my older post that some of you may find interesting.Also i will post some other links below.These are just for informational purposes ,I do not promote or endorse any of these website.check both of them out .One is an example of a site that is selling a product and the other is a free informational site.


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